IDDS Botswana 2018 is a four-weeks hands-on summit which will be hosted in the villages of D’kar, Dutlwe, Rakops and Kaputura in Botswana from 15th July – 13th August 2018. Under the theme “improving rural community livelihoods in Botswana” which has a particular focus on co-creating grassroots technologies/innovations and the supporting business models that will be taken-up by the rural community members through their innovation centers in order to enhance and sustain their livelihoods.


International Development Design Summits (IDDS) are hands-on design experiences that bring together people from all walks of life to create low-cost, practical innovations to improve the lives of people living in poverty.

Summits emphasize the importance of co-creation, the idea that working with communities is more powerful than designing solutions for them. During a summit, participants work in teams with community members, learn the design cycle, identify problems and solutions, and test prototypes.


This will be the third summit held in Botswana, after an IDDS D’kar 2015, and an IDDS Botswana 2016, all of which have been lead by IDIN Steering Committe Founding Member Thabiso Blak Mashaba, founder and CEO of These Hands.

After a summit is over, IDDS participants become a part of the growing IDIN Network. Some continue to work on projects from the summit, while others pursue their own local innovation projects in a wide range of fields.

If you want to learn more about the IDIN Network, please visit the IDIN website.